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What is Basic Partnership Firm?

Partnership firm refers to association of persons created by way to an agreement called partnership deed. Partnership deed contains all the terms and conditions of mutual understanding between partners. It protects interest of partners as well as firm. In partnership, partners can be individuals, companies or any other separate legal entity.

Registration Requirement

Partnership can further be classified as registered and unregistered partnership firms. It is not mandatory to register a partnership firm, notarized copy of partnership deed is sufficient to start business. However, deed must be drafted professionally to secure interest of partners. With the introduction of LLP in India, registered partnership firm is not left attractive form of business anymore because of added advantages provided by LLP.

Advantages of Basic Partnership Firm

  1. Easy to establish: Partnership firm is relatively easy to establish.
  2. Higher Funding: With more than one owner, partnership has access to more capital than proprietorship firm.
  3. Flexible: Partnerships are easy to manage and run. They are less strictly regulated than companies.
  4. Responsibility Sharing: In partnership, partners having different skill set can share responsibilities and give best of their abilities.
  5. Decision Making: Two are better than one. More partners means more brain storming on any business issue.

Basic Partnership Firm

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Basic Partnership Firm

There is no specific annual compliance for partnership firms. They need to fulfil compliances under tax laws like Income tax , Service tax , VAT etc., whichever applicable to the firm.