Register  Private Limited Company

What is Private Limited Company?

Private limited company is a separate legal entity incorporated through a process of law. There are minimum two members are required to form private limited company. Number of members of private limited company can’t be more than 200. Minimum paid-up share capital of Rs. One Lakh is required to form private limited company.



Registration Requirement

Private limited company is registered with Registrar of Companies (ROC), Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Advantages of Private Limited Company

  1. Limited liability: In case of financial distress, personal assets of shareholders will not be at risk. Their liability will be restricted up to the amount of capital committed by them.
  2. Separate legal entity: Company is a separate legal entity from its shareholders and directors. Shareholders can’t demand right over assets of the company.
  3. Easy Transfer of shares: Subject to the conditions of articles, it is easy to transfer shares of a company.
  4. Access to higher capital: Company has access to higher capital as total number of members can be increased up to 200.
  5. Perpetual existence: Company is a perpetual legal entity which means death of any member will not impact the existence of the company.

Private Limited Company Registration

Get a Private Limited Company Registered from anywhere in India directly from the comfort of your home or business place.

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All Inclusive In

DIN for All Directors

DSC for All Directors

Company Name Approval

MOA, AOA & Company Incorporation

Stamp Duty


Details of Company to be Incorporated

Proposed Names of The Company
Private Limited
Private Limited
Private Limited
Private Limited
Private Limited

Pricing Table

Sub-Service Qty Price
Director Identification Number (DIN) 2 1600
Digital Signatures (DSC) 2 2000
Company Name Approval 2400
MOA, AOA Drafting and Company Incorporation 6500
Stamp Duty 360
Total Price 12860

Compliances for Private Limited Company

Maintenance of books of accounts: Every company is required to maintain proper books of accounts on the basis of accrual method of accounting.

Audit: Audit is a mandatory requirement for the company. Every year company needs to get its accounts audited.

Income Tax: Separate income tax return is required to be file. Tax audit might be appdivcable, if company falls under the prescribed divmits of tax audit.

Statutory registers and Minute books: Prescribed statutory registers (like Register of Members, Register of Debenture holders etc.) and minute books for every board meeting and general meeting are required to be maintain by the company.